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Originally Posted by E_S View Post
Thanks for the info!

I looked around and found a source of Monark nozzles and the pressure tester, shims etc. for a decent price, and I think I'll go for it. I've done injector testing/adjustment before, but don't have access to the equipment any more.

I live in Norway, Europe where the labor rates are extremely high ($150/hour is quite normal)..
In Europe you have a larger selection of companies to buy Nozzles from.
If you are not in a hurry you could build your on Nozzle/Pop Tester.
Somewhere in the links below some of our Members have made them from a Hydraulic Jack or a Portapower type Hydraulic Jack.
There was an old US Diesel Diesel Engine Maker here in the US; BUDA that made Nozzle Testers for their product and they use a Hydraulic Jack to make it from. Ounce a year or so one comes up for sale or auction on eBay here in the US.
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