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I have an 89 190E 2.6 with 125k miles. First on the highway I get shaking slightly round 60 and progressively more shaking as the speed increases. It is driveable at 70-80 mph on highway even though a little uncomfortable but over 90 and 100 is just a no-no. Wheels have been balanced and had alignment done all recently. Did not change at all. Also it pulls to one side even after the alignment and very seldom will pull both ways back and forth on highway. Secondly. Transmission has a small bug. i read in another post something similar. The car starts from a dead stop in second unless you punch the gas right? OK if I got only a few mph in second and just let off the gas to coast up to a light or stop sign it will jump into the next gear hard. To avoid this I give enough gas to get up to the next gear in correct manner and then slow down. its not major. Just annoying.Also When flooring it from stop it will downshift to first for get up and go and then getting up to high rpms it will shift into second spinning the back wheels. Is this normal or did my car get some kind of weird magical shift kit for torquie shifts? I read several posts talking bout a kick down switch under gas pedal? What is that exactly? Like if you push down gas hard enough it engages the switch to make the car downshift?One more question I swear! I got the car last april and the ac was working. It slowly faded till it did not cool at all. I noticed awhile ago that hot air now comes in the side air vents when climate control is off. And also I can't get heat out of center vents. I heard many comments. Is that normal?
See I promised! Thanks Alot Man I really appreciate any feedback. If I find out anything I'll post it

Rob C
89 190E 2.6
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