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I got my transmission oil changed at a dealer ($87 an hour guy) - its a 190E 2.3 - the guy overfilled it (filled in 8 quarts, when it takes just under 7 even when the torque converter is drained out!),. and a washer was crushed while closing it up, so the transmission was SPRAYING oil all over when I drove it home!!! Thankfully, I noticed it (though it was not hard to miss!), and took it back. The overfilling actually helped because it lost nearly a quart in one day, and was still fine!!!

Talk about screw ups. MANY of the dealer servicemen are no better than the 5.35 an hour guys. Again, I am not making statements about everyone, there are MANY good techs out there at the dealers, but there are MANY bad ones too.
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