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Ppl drive fast there, but they obey the rules, and take alot of caution when driving. But driving on the Autobahn may not be as relaxing though the road is perfectly finished. A 911 Turbo, which wasn't visible the first second, may suddenly appear in your rear-view mirror when you decided to change lane...

Also, from I was told, that Germany government is very strict on a car's condition. If a car has a broken light, dent body-panel, it would not be allow to be on the road unless all the problems are fixed.

P.S. Japan has rule that, any cars have been registered and driven on road for 10(or is that 15?? But something like that) years, will not be issued a permit(not will be insured, in another word) to be driven on the road after 10 years. Instead, the car will be titled salvage...

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