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Auto-Output, Demand Output, Energy Coil, Ultra Coil, or Variable Magnetic.

Has anyone heard of these coils? What do you think? I searched the internet to look at prices to find one but didnt see any, do you know where to find one? Please see article below...

There is one new approach in coils which might be given a 9 rating. Manufactured by several companies, it goes by various trade names, such as Auto-Output, Demand Output, Energy Coil, Ultra Coil, or Variable Magnetic. They use a new approach which can make them quite effective in inductive-type ignition systems. Since the number of turns on both the primary and secondary are fixed and permanent, and since the magnetism is determined by the number of turns and the permeability of the core, these special coils change their permeability automatically in response to the engine's needs! In effect, the core gives up more energy (magnetism) as the plugs foul and also as rpm increase. This holds the output voltage at arc-over under all engine conditions and yet develops ample spark current at all ranges of rpm, even with plugs which are worn and fouled (fouled to a point; obviously if they foul badly enough, lightning, or even a computer-controlled ignition, couldn't get a spark). Why not call variable magnetic coils a 10? There are two reasons. First, it doesn't let you open your plug gaps to the full 0.100 in., which would be ideal. However, it does let you increase the gap by about 30% over any other coil. This should lead to an 8 to 11% improvement in fuel efficiency. Second, we want to see what other new and inventive ideas come up in the future and hold the 10 spot open just in case.
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