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Originally Posted by Drezell View Post
I have never heard of this group, or heard this song. But I feel like they ripped off Wakka from Final Fantasy X for some reason

And I did like some boy bands though! Like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. But that was EARLY 90s
I saw backstreet boys 2005! I did go for free though, this girl (loaded parents) bought tickets for a bunch of us and VIPd us in a limo to and from the show. Its a shame she couldn't actually make friends instead of buying them, I never really liked her much but at least I got a free concert out of it. B4-4 was one of the wannabe's--came on the scene too late like o-town, s club 7, all those weird ones. I remember hearing this song and thinking "this is not appropriate for my young ears"
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