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For years I had to drive once a week to Hamburg in Germany.

From my experience driving on the autobahn is not that fun al all. On the right lane trucks are driving with 80km and overtake with 82 (uphill 50). For someone driving with 200+ this can be lethal. Blinking your headlights an using your turnsignal (which is considered a sign of agression and not courtesy) won't help if you rearend a big truck.
I have seen a lot of very bad accidents, some with childeren involved.

Driving fast on a straight road does not require any skills, just a lack of sence of responsibility. If you want a driving challenge, without dangering the lives of other people, go to a racetrack.

In germany, under the pressure of the car manefacturers (mecedes, bmw and porche) there is still no speed limit. The only concession is that anyone driving over 130km is responcible for a accident he is involved.
Driving dangerous, including driving to fast, is subject to heavy fines, losing your licence for life and jail. The german police has for some time a campaign against dangerous driving (autobahnrasen).

One final tip, if youre after the sensation of speed, just buy a slow car, trying to reach 100km/h with my old Landrover diesel (1850kg, 65hp) was much more exciting than 160km/h with my mercedes 300SE (1800kg, 190hp)
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