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brake bleeding nightmare '86 300SDL

I have bleed automobile braking systems all my life, sucessfully I might add. I changed brake pads on my '86 300SDL all four wheels, never opening the system. After finishing I tried the brakes, fully expecting the first pedal depression would go to flooras it had on all the other I had ever changed pads on. Brake pedal never pumped back up? I decided to bleed all four wheel calipers starting at the right rear, then left rear, no problems so far, then I proceeded to the right front, no air, no brake fluid, left front same thing. I then bought a device that forces fluid into the brake reservoir @ up to 20# pressure, again no air, no fluid, nothing at all. I tried bleeding the brakes in the traditional manner, have a helper depress the brake pedal, open the bleeder valve, close bleeder valve have helper let off, repeat 50 times. All this with the positive pressure device still attached to the reservoir. Anybody have any ideas as to what the heck is going on here?

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