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Question 93 300E Squeaky Brakes & ABS pulsates while coming to a stop

While driving slowly and applying brakes, the brakes may squeak. And when they squeak the ABS system pulsates at the exact moment the wheels stop. It sounds like springs are popping and the brake peddle obviously pulsates as well. This problem only happens when I'm experiencing a squeaky brake condition which is not all the time. But certainly happens almost everyday.

I have had my mechanic test drive it more than once. First he said it was the new rotors he had replaced, saying they were warped. So he replaced them again at no charge. That did not clear up the problem.

Next he said he thought the ABS sensors needed cleaning and this could cause a condition of this type. But in the end, it did not clear it up.

What could this be?

'93 300E 2.8
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