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UUUH, I need sleep, but just can't resist it....
A coupla of years ago, when I JUST met my current wife (and the Mother of my first-born ) she used to go to that Jiffy Peanut Butter place for oil change. Well, she just moved to Wilmington, DE from Atlanta, GA, so she was kinda naive in that cute southern sorta way and believed that anybody can do an oil change. Before she went, I mentioned to her that her break fluid is a little low. After arriving at the Buttery (see above), she asked them to check out the break fluid. She did not even had a chance to sit down in the waiting room, when a kid (aka "a mechanic") asked her if she could drive up on the lift, because the car had a manual tranny, and he did not know how to drive it. At this point she thought of leaving, but, foolishly, she decided to give'em a chance. 5 minutes later the same kid came in asking what type of oil the car was using. At that time she was a DM for Office Depot, so she was a little hard on incompetent people, and rather tartly told the "innocent" kid that he was the mechanic, not her, and that he should figure it out. 1/2 hour later, she was told her car was ready. She asked "da boss" (the Peanut??) if they checked the break fluid. She was assured, that they always do it, and don't have to be prompted. The bill listed an unspecified amount of break fluid added.

After coming home she mentioned to me that the breaks felt funny. I went over the car, just in case. Yup, you guessed it- the break fluid reservoir was empty. Plus, they overfilled the engine by 2 quarts and crimped the filter. needless to say I've been changing the oil and servicing her car ever since.
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