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190E climate control problem

I'm new to this group, and I have a problem with the automatic climate control in my 1985 190E. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I tried a search to see if someone else had the problem and there seems to be almost as many climate control problems as there are posts, so I gave up after the fifth of 49 pages.

Anyway, the problem is that the A/C works fine on full, but does not work on automatic (snowflake button). I was told it was the climate control unit, so I replaced it, as well as the a/c relay for good measure. Still no automatic a/c.

One of the posts I read said something about the vacuum to a mixing door, i.e., if it's bad, the door won't close and the snowflake button won't work the a/c. While that post was for a different year and model, if this is the case in the 190E, can anyone tell me where this vacuum line and mixing door are? Or if there are other possible culprits, I would appreciate any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Braun Degenshein
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1985 190E 2.3
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