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Here in eastern Pennsylvania our diesel prices have gone from $1.35 a gallon to $1.92 within the past three weeks. Premium unleaded has inched up a few cents, maybe a nickel; it's around $1.50 a gallon.

The best explanation I've seen so far on (see my thread "Diesel Fuel prices - what's up?") is this. Within the past 9 months, crude oil has gone from $12/barrel to $28/barrel. OPEC has been trying to cut production, thereby raising prices. They recently decided to give kickbacks to Venezuela (which previously wouldn't cut their production) if they would go along with the cartel. Also, the demand for home heating oil increases as it gets cold.

So, now we see price increases like we saw in 1973-1974 and 1979. I remember gas going from $0.329 in 1973 to about a dollar a gallon by 1979.

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