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124 noise in front end

Whenever going over a series of bumps/cracks in the road the affect of the bump is transfered thru the steering wheel and you can feel the bumps at the steering wheel - not hard, just noticeable. Also, the front end just does not seem to be tight when going over such bumps. Nothing occurs when going over larger bumps that do not create a jarring affect on the front end. Car seems to take larger bumps well.

I replaced the steering damper and the shop replaced the idler arm after telling the owner about how it acted. There is slight leaking at the top of the strut, which I have heard is normal.

Car has 99,000 miles and it looks like the original struts. One of the strut mounts is slightly cracked, and needs replacing.

Now, $64 question, is it the struts and mounts needing replacing, or something additional? Would worn struts transfer the bump vibration up the steering column? Seems qestionable.

I know suspension problems are hard to diagnose when not driving the car, but an thoughts appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any replys - Ron
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