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Originally Posted by Billybob View Post
So the plan is to fit things together without torquing to spec, observe and "remember" something, then install something that inparts friction, torque things to spec, then observe and compare to a "remembered" prior observation of something under different circumstances? And if not reconciled, repeating that procedure until you've convinced yourself things are correct!?

I suspect the heating bearing damage to be complete BS, and I'd follow the FSM rather than someone who came up with that. MB engineers are not perfect but you've got to give them some credit where credit is due and assume that they at bthe very least have considered the obvious when designing these systems and maintaining them.
Hmm you have a point with regards to the FSM that is always the safest way to go. However, sometimes you come across someone who obviously has a lot of experience and seems to be as honest as the day is long who - in albeit a long winded way - tells you to be extra careful about fitting a certain part... it kind of makes you think. Doesn't it?

Has anyone ever stumbled upon this sort of main bearing overheating problem before?
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