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The Mercedes method is kind of crazy on how they word it
and do it. It is really quit easy once you've done one.
Here is how Mercedes says to do it. Engine set at 30BTDC on
number 1 and set the cams to TDC. The mark on the cams are
4mm holes on the backside of the gears, they are level with
the head for the cams TDC. These holes will be on the
outter edge of the head. Now this what is tricky and
confusing about this set up. The reason for setting it to
30BTDC is so you can turn the cams without hitting the
valves on the pistons. Once the cams are set rotate the
crank to TDC. Now rotate the cam adjuster for the intake
all the way clockwise, then install the chain on the intake
then the exhaust cam. Now install the tensioner
AFTER disassembling it. You must reset
this tensioner or the chain will be to tight and you run
the real chance of breaking the chain, not a goog thing to
have happen, you can read about that in the email fixes
too! Remove the center plunger on the tensioner then
install the outer part of the tensioner in the head then
slide the center part with the spring in to the outer part
and tighten the cap on the tensioner. Turn your engine over
by hand and recheck your timing marks. Notice that the
intake cam will be retarded so turn it clockwise with the
wrench until it stops. Now your 4mm hole should line up
with the head again like is was before you started. The
exhaust cam should be lined up too if everything went

Sounds kind of confessing doesn't it? So here is the
fasthair way of doing it. TDC crank and cams. Turn adjuster
on intake all the way clockwise and install the chain to
intake then exhaust cams then install reset tensioner. Turn
engine over by hand and recheck timing marks after turning
the intake forward again. Done.

Couple of notes. When referring to clockwise I am talking
about from the front of the engine looking at it like you
are working on it. When setting the cams to TDC use 4mm
drill bits or bolts or whatever, they will help you see the
holes easier and make it easier to tell when the hole is
level with the head. Make sure you reset that tensioner, I
can't stress this enough!

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