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I didn't realize the trunk closing assist (pull down) was inop, I am relatively certain that this may also be caused by this switch, I was kind of wondering if that worked or not.
The switch is located, if you are standing by the trunk with the lid open, look at the lower latch, then lean in and look at the rear wall of the trunk (like looking at your knees if the car wasn't in the way) and there actually is an opening there for a little trigger device that allows you to shut off the trunk lights. This little trigger is actually acting on the switch (microswitch, not microchip). I can't remember if you can buy just the switch or not.
You may want to check out the owners manual, i think there is a way to make that upper catch retract so that it doesn't have the gap around the lid, so it looks normal. In any case it may be better to have the problem diagnosed professionally rather than guessing at what may be wrong.

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