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I paid around US$ 105 for the SACHS tropical unit from an MB dealer here, and I must say it works like a charm on my C36. The temps stays between 85-95C all the time (traffic, high-speed, stop-and-go).

Engine feels stronger now, probably because my timing does not get retarded by the computer because of elevated temps. I used to see 100-115C all the time, and my timing was probably dialled way back to avoid detonation.

I wish everybody who is concerned about high temps will know about this clutch. It is an elegant solution since it keeps the engine (and me) coool without turning on the aux fans. Warm-up time is unaffected. I have shut off the engine many times when the gauge was around 80C and the fan was still free-wheeling. At gauge=90C the fan was locked so it is probably grabbing at around 85-90C. Stands to reason since the stock thermostat is set at 87C and I presume that SACHS developed this tropicalized clutch in conjunction with MB.
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