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Relationship between ASD and Klima Relays?

Thought I had finished this topic in another thread, but alas ...

My ASD warning light came on a couple of years ago ... reset it a few times, but kept coming on after a couple hours of driving. Looked for any electrical problems or connections but never found any. Figured it was a hydraulic issue and decided to "put it off till a more opportune time."

Learned about the Klima relay when my tach and a/c compressor clutch both malfunctioned at the same time one day about three months ago. Was able to get both back on line if I "schwacked" (term from a USMC friend) the relay with a wrench. Finally popped the case on the Klima relay and cleaned the contact points - seemed to fix the problem.

Collateral with the Klima relay problem, I had been working the electrical possibilties of the ASD. Reset it again AFTER I had cleaned points on the Klima and voila, light stayed out - and, the Klima appeared to be working fine.

A month passes - driving at highway speed yesterday and ... yep ... ASD warning lamp illuminates at the same time as the A/C and tach stop working.

Question: Are the two relays inter-related in their functions?
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