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Yes I was also told by the dealer about the 82C thermostat. I had actually bought one already and was supposed to try that next but I am already satisfied with the way the current setup is working. I like the way my 104 responds when it is between 80-90C.

Clutch failure? Gee I hope not, although I still have the 2 aux fans operational. There was a time the Aux fans failed and my temp reached 120C!

The aux fan relay coils are fed from a fuse which also supplies power to other loads such as the windshiel washer heater. Apparently there was a ground, the fuse blew and my relays were dead, along with the fans! My insurance is an additional relay which I wired up to supply power in parallel to the existing circuit so that even if the relay coil fuse blew again, I will still have power to the fans.

Since the clutch, I haven't heard them come on yet except when activated by the high pressure sensor in the AC circuit.

BTW the OEM fan clutch in my C36 was also made by Sachs.
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