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Engine number, need to order more parts

Hi guys,

Well got my car together today for the first time in a couple of months. Traveling a bunch for work. Anyway, I bent the "Heating Return Pipe" and I am trying to order a new one. I need the seal (o-ring) that goes with it.

I need my engine code. I did search and found postings that said look on motor near oil pan on passenger's side. I found the stamp, cleaned it and still had big trouble reading it.

Looked like 118 01 or 118 09, did not seem like enough digits.

My vin is: WDBEA26E4NB769970 Can anyone help me.

I want to order the new pipe ASAP.
It's the pipe that bolts onto / into the water pump and passes under the distributor cap across the front of the motor. Driveway covered with coolant.

Thanks again,
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