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'88 560 SEL - pleasant experience - rear suspension!!

I had posted a thread earlier on some nagging issues I am struggling with, they continue, but one down ..... may be two ....

After reading the threads and very very helpful feedback - I was armed with info - I looked under the hood, found the reservoir for the suspension and voila - it was empty! Proceeded straight to the dealer got a liter of the oil ($18), filled it, got home the car was riding higher - normal - reservoir empty!! Went back, got another liter and put that in - 24 hours and about 50 miles later - it is still there (about half full) and the car is still raised! FANTASTIC huh?

The idle fixed itself - I smoke (white) profusely now - from under the hood, exhaust - everywhere - I think it is the valve cover gasket - that is next week.

Thought I'd share this happy experience and that jeez, the pump was dry and dunno for how long - but, kicked right in.

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