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Rough idle and no warm start problems are probably (hopefully) an OVP problem. My 16V had all the classic problems -- intermittent starting/stalling problems (only when warm), finally no start or idle. I did the following (tho' they might not have needed changing, nowhere in my vehicle records were the parts shown as being replaced -- I call it preventive maintenance):

1. New injectors and seals
2. New cap and rotor
3. New Fuel Pump Relay
4. New air temp sensor
5. New OVP fuse (tho' it was not blown)
6. New Idle Speed Valve

Seemed to work fine for about a couple weeks, then the stalling started happening again. Just for kicks, I unplugged the 2-pin connector for the Idle Valve and fired the car back up. It idled like a charm! Went in to look at my CD and found where the 2 wires go:

a) red/yel -- directly to the OVP
b) red/wht -- to CIS-E Control Unit --> red/yel to the OVP

I've got the OVP yanked and am ready to order a new one. Will let you all know the outcome (fingers crossed). I just installed my Bilstein shocks and H&R springs last weekend and the car looks SWEET! I've gotta get this stalling taken care of.

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