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You guys have me wondering about my use of 15W40 year-round in my 84 SD. It got to 8 deg F about a week ago, I had forgotten to plug in my block heater, and my car really didn't want to turn over (took about 4 tries of cranking). It seldom gets below zero around here.

I'm considering using Shell Rotella T 15W40. My independent uses Castrol 15W40, but I'd prefer something with an CG rating at least. Another mechanic once told me that it's ok to mix oil brands, even viscosities; basically saying it doesn't matter.

Even if this is true I'd prefer to keep use same brand of oil. I understand Shell makes Rotella in a 10W40 but I haven't seen it for sale anywhere, and I've never seen a mail order source for oil. Sorry if this has been covered before.

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