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testing acc. belt pulleys

Serp. Belt removed---

#1 If the bearings are not completely silent they need to be replaced right? Power steering pump is smooth and quiet, wish I could say the same for the others, all make noise to a varying degree.

#2 Couldn't find a definitive answer in the archives, does anyone know if I can just have new bearings pressed into the idler pulley? Or are they "special" bearings as I have read?

#3 Will be putting new seals on the front side of the engine, any pointers/tips/caveats greatly appreciated.

Almost to the peak of the 100,000 miles parts hill I hope, can't wait to ride down hill for a bit. (Better not say that too loud, that power steering pump I was bragging about might hear me.)


1990 300E (118K)
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