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Interior Dash Lights

Are you refering to the rocker switch lights ie: sun roof, antenna, defroster, etc? they are fed with a single bulb and use fibre optic lines to supply the lighting, you have to pull the ash tray out, remove the chrome insert, you will then see two screws, remove them and pull the ash tray assembly completely out, you can also remove the coin tray, then you have to remove the radio, once the radio is out you will see two screws above where the radio slid into its bracketry, remove the two screws, now very gently pull the lower part of the panel out and down at the same time, the a/c controls will remain inplace since the panel snaps in place around them, you cannot move the panel to far because of the switches electrical connections and the fibre optic lines, now if you look directly back over the top of the a/c controls towards the firewall you should see a octopus like assembly with fine black wires coming out in a radial pattern, those are the fibre optic lines, in the center of that is where the bulb plugs in. Assembly is in revearse order. Have Fun
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