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Heating Return Pipe

HI Gilly,

The manual refers to the pipe as the Heating Return Pipe. It's the pipe that bolts to the water pump and crosses infront of the engine, just under the distributor cap, and just under the belt.

I just replaced the top timing chain cover lip seal, rotor, cap, etc. I did not see the bolt that held the pipe to the block. I took off the bolt that held the pipe to the water pump and then fought with the thing (unaware of bolted to block) and bent it trying to get it off. Then noticed bolt to block, undid and surprise the pipe came right off.

Tried to bend it back by hand, but the o-ring did not look good to begin with and when I put it back together and started the car it leaked. Glad car started though, at least I got the ignition stuff together correctly.

I will call fastlane tomorrow to order, I am having trouble figuring out what the part number is.

Thanks again Gilly,
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