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timing chain?????

I took passenger side valve cover off my 86 Euro 500 SE to have a look at timing chain.Yikes! it's pitted like a poorly kept firearm.The tensioner and upper guide are a pale milky amber color and the chain on the down side of the cam sprocket is very loose side play and a good inch of freeplay up and down.

I had planned to replace chains as it is replacement engine of unkown milage (use no oil and runs great) I would like to drive it a few more weeks before I take it in think I can if I take it easy there is no rattle at start up? I have done lots of rice burner chains but hesitate to do on my pet as can't go to Jake's "Detail it and Retail it" salvage yard and get another engine as I could with a 20R, Whats a fair price to have job done at a shop? is that much slop on down side of chain normal?
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