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Dos Fastlane sell Oil Filter Kit?

I was going to order some oil filters and drain plug washers for my soon to arrive 300SE. Several people responded to my prior questions and mentioned that along with the filter, I should make sure the filter comes with BOTH washers (an aluminum one for the bolt and a rubber one for the cover) and oil drain plug washers (which I was going to anyway). It was suggested I buy the "kit" because it would come with the filter, both washers AND the oil drain plug washer.

I checked out Fastlane and they list Part No.: A6000-14277 from
Knecht. But this is only for the filter. So, 2 questions:
1) does this come with both washers for the bolt and filter housing and
2) does fastlane sell a "kit" and I am overlooking it?

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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