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My car has approxiamtely 50,000 miles on it. I love that car!! 230hp, all-wheel drive, 4-speed automatic, ABS, climate control, you name it.

My dad had bought it new in 1992, he started having trouble getting in and out of it, too low. So I bought it from him (he went to Acura 3.2TL, thought about the benz but for the money he was sold on the Acura, tough to argue). Been in the family and babied since new.

Took it to Northern Maine a few winters ago for Christmass family visit, just me and him. Ran 100mph all day, smooth as silk, heavy car, not blistering from a stop probably 0-60 in mid 7's or so, but on the highway it cooks. That horizontal 6 is smooth as butter and full of torque. The all-wheel drive is unflappable. My dad was one of the first to get one, no-one knew what it was. He loved going out in the winter snow and pulling up to caddy's and the like and leaving them in the dust.

What a nice car, tight in the back two seats (look like seats anyway), but what a great driver.

Been off the road for a couple of years, I start every month and drive around the block a few times. I think I'll register soon and put about 1000 - 1500 miles on it per year.

Thanks for the question, love talking about that car. My goal is to own for ever.

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