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I have some Snap On that I bought about 25 years ago while mortal man could afford them. Mostly combination wrenches and a few ratchets.

The rest of my hand tools are a mix of Craftsmen and others. My air tools started with an Ingersoll 1/2" that I got about 25 years ago followed by cheap versions of 3/8 butterfly, 3/8 air ratchet. The cheap ones have held up okay because I keep them lubed and don't use them every day to make my living.

I use air wrenches during disassembly, but very rarely for assembly. Except for the air ratchet that I can run a bolt with, then tighten it by hand so I can feel how tight I'm getting it. My tool box is a large Craftsman that I put quality casters on before I put any tools in it.

If I were a young pro tech, I would buy nothing but Snap On tools. They are clearly the best. If I started as a pro at my age, it would be difficult to justify $45,000 or so in tools for only the ten or so years I have left to work.

My $0.02,
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