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Over the years (since high school), I have collected a lot of Craftsman tools. Sears was a staple back then for those of us who did light wrenching on our cars but couldn't afford Snap-On tools with a McDonald's salary.

I even have a couple of nice Craftsman screwdrivers left by some thieves attempting to rip off the stereo in my VW...I guess they got spooked in the process and left the tools behind! :p

I just started doing work on my MBs for over a year now, so my set has increased to accomodate metrics and metric allen socket sets. I even bought a few MB specialty tools.

My wife has been nice about all of this, as she got me a Craftsman rolling tool cabinet to keep it all organized.

Then for our 10th wedding anniversary, I was greeted at the garage door by a Husky 125psi air compressor!!!

When I find the time to bolt it down and hook up the connections, I plan on checking the local tool center and getting a few air impact tools!

If cost were no object (I would have a 2003 SL in the garage, hee hee) I would probably have a huge Facom tool kit in my garage, and the best air tools money could buy!

But I don't do 15 head gasket jobs in a week, and most of my repairs involve tightening a bolt on a child's bike, replacing a leaky faucet seal or removing a light fixture cover to get at a burned-out bulb...therefore, there is no reason for me to have an E-class investment's worth of tools!
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