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Re: props

Originally posted by run.exe
GORGEOUS car, Daesun!

Watch out for flying debris, at high speeds...

Your engine bay is so clean, you could fry an egg on your airbox
(if it was Teflon)...
This coming from the guy with perhaps one of the most well-executed custom 500Es in existence. I feel like I've finally arrived. Thanks for the compliments. I absolutely love your car, BTW. Nice wheels, nice drop, nice hood, nice steering wheel, etc. Great pictures too. How much was your Brabus steering wheel? It's killer, I'd love to pick one up eventually. Great touch.

I have no idea what caused the damage, as I don't even recall anything hitting my car. Then again, at 160 mph, it could've been a Q-tip. Not that I've ever actually driven at such blatantly illegal speeds...
1994 E500
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