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Tools tools tools, love tools

Hi guys,

I am a hardy DIY, plenty of blood stains on the gararge floor to prove it.

I have mostly Craftsman tools, lifetime warranty has proven valuable. I do not consider their quality on par with snap-on, never really used them, but they do look nice.

Using the correct tool for the job is really the key. My most valuable tool is a 1/2 drive breaker bar, nothing compares when getting off big stuck bolts.

No air tools, I want to wait and get a quality compressor, looking for a used one from a gararge or factory, I think the wiring at the house will be an issue too.

I do want to get some new open end box wrenches though, can never seem to have enough of those. Bigger tool chest would be great too. Finaly, I really really want to install a lift, but would need to build a second gararge for that. Got a backhoe two months ago to dig the foundation with (wife bought the rationalle) but instead I just have a bunch of big holes (experimental digging, wife bought that one too) around the yard.

Can never have enough tools.
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