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i've got your standard craftsman as well.also...

...i was in the market for torque wrenches and looked long and hard at snap-on,but when push came to shove i bought sears again reasoning that i could get two wrenches for less than half of what a snap-on would cost.i know people out there will say there's a reason thta the snap-on's are expensive and i'm sure they are right(let's be serious-isn't that how we justify our cars?).anyway for what it's worth sears will do me fine with some specialty tools thrown in from time to i wish i had snap-on's?duh!! great question,it's nice to see what others are using !
by the way there is a snap-on store in toronto but i haven't been able to get to it----YET!!!but you can bet i'm thinking about it more and more!
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