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fault codes

I'm new to benz with a recent purchase of a 95 - E320, 160k-Km (100,000 miles there abouts). Very nice car but with less than 1000 kms added to it, the fickle "check engine" light has turned on.

I'm trying to get the skinny on reading the error codes and their interpretation. My first visit to the Benz dealer was interesting, but he imformed me that without his $150k reader I would not be able to read the codes. My investigation around the engine compartment, infront of the battery, lies a box that looks strikingly similar to my 1989 240 Volvo's readout. Simply ground out the appropriate area (#2 or #6 if memory serves), press the button between 1 and 3 seconds, and read the led flashes. Is this the same as the E320? If so what are the code sequences?

I have tried to locate the various information in this board, but have been unable to locate the "archives" or a good explanation of how to get the sequence rolling.

If you have any advice, please drop me a line or post. Thanks in advance.
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