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calling all 190E opinions


I am looking into buying a 190E 2.6 (like I have always liked) and am asking for anyone's opinion on the following points regarding late model 190E 2.6's:

- How is the performance of the 190E/2.6 in comparison to a 300E/3.0 keeping in mind the weight difference?

- Are there any differences between the 190E/2.6 and Sportline model other than interior cosmetics and suspension?

- I am used to cruising L.A. freeways at 75 in my 300E very comfortably; being that the 190 has a lower top speed does that mean the RPM's will be higher (in the 190) and therefore cause more noise in the cabin?

Any other personal experience that you might have about comparing the 190E/2.6 vs. 300E/3.0 (other than obvious cargo and passenger space differences) would be greatly appreciated.

Jerome Faszer
05 E55
03 E500
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