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larry sonsini
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oops...I just realized that we have been talking about 210s...all of my earlier comments were based on the 208...

I believe that the rubbing was occurring on turns, but I'll get clarification.

Regardless, if a 235/40-18 and 275/35-18 Yokohama AVS dB setup on Carlsson 1/5s can work on a 208 with H&Rs and #2 pads w/o rubbing, then I don't see why the setup should cause any problems on a 210.

I expect the southern gent to reply that he has no rubbing problems on a non-fender rolled 210.

Another factor is that tires from differing manufacturers can vary quite a bit... 275/35-18 tires from different manufacturers can have varying really do have to look at a spec chart and try different things to see what works.

In the end though, my experience with 210s is limited, so I could be all wrong...but it wouldn't make sense to me.
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