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This thread reminded me of an interview with Chocolate Myers. He was one of Dale Earnharts crew members for many years and his Dad, a NASCAR driver was killed while he was a young boy. He is a very well known individual around NASCAR.

He said that one time he was talking to Dale on the radio during a caution. Dale said "hey there's a 9/16 Snap On wrench on the track in the back stretch!" Chocolate said he just couldn't believe that Dale could see that there was a wrench on the track, even while slowed down for the caution, much less able to tell what kind of wrench and what size.

As soon as the race was over he and another crew member drove to the back stretch where Dale said it was, and sure enough there was a 9/16 Snap On combination wrench.

To appreciate this you have to understand that Dale Earnharts Dad was a racer in the days when there was very little money in it. Dale grew up wrenching on cars and for the most part, built his first race cars himself.

Now to be clear, someone might get the idea that I was an Earnhart fan. I was not and am still not a Dale Earnhart fan, but there are many things about him that I have found intriguing over the years.

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