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thanks for the reply !i don't think i explained myself properly.i have taken out the pump and it works fine but when back in the car it does not work also the system is rather odd -the washer used to only squirt when the wiper passed the 12o'clock position ,is there a contact in the wiper motor that controls this?it now also will not park on intermittent wipe but it is okay when on constant wipe!!!is there a relay somewhere that controls the rear wiper? as i said i had exactly the same with a w123 which i solved by selling the car!!!but i cannot afford to do that this the way the '83 230te had done 257,000 when sold and my dad has a'91 230te with over 200,000 showing the 4 pot engines go for ever,
both have only had timing chains replaced.
thanks in anticipation
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