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thanks for the reply !i don't think i explained myself properly.i have taken out the pump and it works fine but when back in the car it does not work also the system is rather odd -the washer used to only squirt when the wiper passed the 12o'clock position ,is there a contact in the wiper motor that controls this?it now also will not park on intermittent wipe but it is okay when on constant wipe!!!is there a relay somewhere that controls the rear wiper?

I have quoted your message text here. When you take the pump out of the car, how you determine that it's working, other than hearing it make a "working noise". If you put it back in, does it still make the same noise? If the pump is cycled by a contact in the wiper motor assembly then that may be the problem. When you are testing the pump out of the car, with the wiper going, does the pump motor cycle on and off when the wiper passes 12 o'clock or is it on constantly? If it cycles with the wiper, then it is controlled either by a relay or a position sensor in the motor assy. If the pump is having difficulty and the wiper park position is off, it's a good bet that something is awry in the wiper motor assy. When it doesn't park correctly in the intermittent mode, where does the blade end up between wipes? Is it in the same place all of the time, or does it wander around the glass? You may need to get a wiring diagram for your car to determine the actual control mechanism for the washer. I have never seen a washer that was slaved to the position of the blade, but what the heck, you never know...Let me know. This is interesting

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