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Hi techs,

Quick question regarding 1993 190 2.6:

I'm 6'2" tall and fit behind the wheel fine, but notice that the top rim of the wheel blocks my view of the top of the tach.

The wheel angle is OK and I have an adequate inch of headroom, but think that an additional inch-or-so of room would be perfect (and would permit a straight-on view of the gauges).

Is there any way to lower the seats (uh - yes, I've dropped them using the *power* adjustments as far as they will go)? Was an aftermarket kit widely available that boosted seat height (and could be installed unbeknownst to me) - and how would I spot it?

Or am I destined to feel bigger-than-life. It's interesting to me as I've ownned a few MBZs and I've always adjusted the seats UP a little...

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