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The valves on this car require the removal of the camshafts and replacement of some precision ground shims to adjust the lash or gap. It takes a while and yo need new parts (gasket for the valve cover, and the shims), so look to over $200 unless you do it yourself. Not that big a deal as the stuff was made to come apart and go back together nicely. I learned to do it myself, and now so does my son who drives the car. It is an overnight thing as I measure the gaps, take out the hardware, measure the shims and calculate what I need. Then you have to buy them, and I am lucky as the dealer has a "set" of these that they have relatively little use for, so they usually have what you need. I do that the next day and reassemble. If they order the part the car sits for a few days. You will have this happen at the dealer or at an independent, unless they stock the shims in sets.

If the car does not roll well, you should have your brakes checked first. You may find they are grabbing a little, which is a sign you need to have the calipers rebuilt. Grabbing brakes heats the hub up a lot, which is not good for the grease. So, you might need to grease the wheel bearings, but if they are so bad as to affect the rolling of the car, they likely need to be replaced too. Bearings usually make a noise, like a growling, especially when you turn, before they get grabby.

Good luck, Jim
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