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mb doc, what battery impact gun do you have? I looked at a hitachi, but it couldnt loosen my lug bolts, so I didnt want it.

Those fold out boxes are copies of the really old hazet boxes. My uncle has like 3 of the old blue hazet ones. You can buy red ones from Snapon UT22, they are like 75 dollars I think. They are the same as griots garage.

One of my friends loves mac ratches, and I can see why, it takes a lot longer for them to give way, but I like how the snapon ones feel and perform. I have all snapon ratchets, and I have quite a bit of snapon extentions. I have noticed that craftsman quality has gone down the drain reciently...I brake craftsman sockets everytime I work on a benz, usually I break them loosening the nuts and bolts. I just use my dads snapon sockets usually because they have tighter tolerances and they dont round off bolts as easy as craftsman and other ones.

Right now I am thinking about getting a snapon impact gun, but I hear that those are made crappy like CP tools, and my friend said to get an IR gun because those are the best. Maybe someone has some advise?

I have mercedes specialty tools including some hazet tools. I am going to get a Klann spring compressor pretty soon.

I think that snapon has the best screwdrivers and wrenches because they fit my hands the best, and I like their extentions because you can put so much force on them before they even deflect, I love my snapon 3/8 breaker bar, its so strong.

Snap on and Mac are very close in their tools, I think that mac ratchets and air tools are slightly better than snapon, but the Mac guy is a jerk, and the snapon guy is really nice to me, so I buy snapon tools because its more convienent. The mac guy lives about 10 blocks from my house, and the snapon guy lives two blocks, and he says I can come over on the weekends if I need to get something immediately.

My dad just got a Facom ratchet, its really nice, it has super fine teeth. I think its a must for every tool box.

I have a full line of gear wrenches. I really like them especially for working on the belt drive systems on the 617 diesel motor, they get into a lot of places that most things cant get to. Anyway, I have been collecting tools since I was 3 so that is why I have so many of them in the 16 years of collection.

I just got a 166C hazet box from samstagsales
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