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Are these *really* Mercedes?!!

Just been reading about the new AMG Mercedes models. These cars are unbelievable!

A 354bhp 5.5 V8 AMG engine wasn't enough in your W210 E-class? The new E55 has.. wait for it.. 470bhp, because of the same supercharged engine as the SL55.
Claims 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, though Mercedes' claims tend to be pessimistic. I would suggest 13.0 second 1/4 miles too.

Now, why you would want an S-class with the same engine and 490 bhp is beyond me, but you can have one if you like, as well as a CL55. They'll both do 60mph in 4.8 seconds....

All get the usual suspension upgrades, huge fly-by-wire brakes etc., Active Body Control on CL and S

And they look like this, not that you'd be spending much time on the outside of one if you had one

It's all in THIS link.

But will they maintain the same classic look, bulletproof reliability and everything we know and love as in our 16v's, 500E's etc when they are 10 years old?

Maybe in 10 years they'll be pimps' & second-rate drug dealers' cars like BMWs tend to become ... 8-series anyone?

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