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I have Neuspeed (made by H&R?) springs on my one car and Carat/Eibach on the other, both with Bilsteins all around. My previous 124 had H&R springs with KONI's. All handle awesome but ride quite a bit stiffer, regardless of the tire sized mounted.

The Eibach sway bar kits are something like $500, and you can get the complete Sportline sway bar kits from *************** for about $225, direct from Mercedes. The only difference is the Sportline front bar tapers at the ends (less than stock, though), and the Eibach is 28mm end to end (so I'm told). I had installed both front & rear bars on all 3 cars.

I also installed the Sportline front control arm bushings, but not the rear Sportline subframe bushings (yet). Both the H&R and Neuspeed springs required cutting a 1/2 coil from the fronts, for my 300E and 300D, to get the front down to match the rear (which has the thickest pads.) Maybe they were designed for a heavier front end? Anyway, both ended up REALLY low, about 2-3 inch drop, which was more than practical - you drag and rub everything. The Carat/Eibachs worked great out of the box, with a nice 1.5-inch drop. If I were to do another car, I'd try the factory Sportline springs, hopefully they wouldn't be as harsh riding.

So, the springs & shocks made the most difference but are the biggest & most expensive job. Sway bars were second biggest improvement and are pretty easy & cheap to install. The c/a bushings made the least noticeable difference. Right now I'm interested in doing brake upgrades, to the 1994/95 E320/420 brakes (see my other thread for details & p/n's).

Photos of my cars are at these URL's. (They're a little out of date, I now have 500E Euro lights and will have 94/95 marker lights installed shortly. I'll update when I take some new photos):,CE,D,TD_Class,_#2)&parentname=W124_E,CE,D,TD_Class

Also, more assorted MB related photos (engine work, etc) are here:

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