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Unhappy HELP !!!! distributor, timing issue ?????'s the wife hid my laptop charger a few days ago and to retaliate, I unplugged the main coil to the distributor. I was laughing this morning when she got in her car and cranked it up but it didn't start she ended up walking to work (four blocks away). So I got my charger back and I was happy to plug the main coil and get her car going again.....well, joke's on me !!! I thought I would just be able to reconnect the main coil wire and the car would start, but Nooooooo ..... I can't get the car started now. I have already tried manually setting the pistons to TDC and adjusting the distributor rotor so it is aligned with the #1 spark plug...still no start ...I guess I am a victim of my own stupidity, but I'm sure that there is someone out there that can help me get out of this jam.....HELP before my wife beats me for being an idiot
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