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Craftsman quality

I agree with the statement regarding craftsman quality slipping. I've personally purchased and used craftsman for over 20 years and can tell the difference. I am not a mechanic by trade, but if I was I probably would not be able to use craftsman, first because of the lack of specialty mechanics tools and second because of quality issues and breakage.

If I had the money and need I would love to get my hands on some snapon and mac tools. they definately look like good tools. I heard that snapon is going to start having stores. That would probably make it a little easier for me to find the tools.

There is a guy with a truck near my house maybe I'll stop in one day and take a look at his stuff.

My Craftsman open ended box wrenches are junk, spread real easy.

PS> I am accepting any tool donations, I'll give them a good home.
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