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There is plenty of room for it

I had the figures done for it and there is plenty of room. It might be a bit difficult to install once the flywheel is installed. I figured that the additional ring would have to be between 1/2 and 3/4 inch thick and about 2 inch in width. But the machinist I talked to said that would only weigh about 8 pounds. So it must be at least twice as big as I thought. To do the job really correct one should machine just a cleanup cut on the 240D flywheel, right to just behind the reach of the starter "nose". Then put the flywheel in the freezer over night and some good heat on the newly made ring and pound it on. That is the way the starter gear is held on and all the steam locomotives had their "Tires", which were steel rims, were mounted on the wheels the same way. The flywheel might be cast iron, but I would suspect it to be cast steel. I am going to go through the steel yard next week to see if I can find a piece of junk steel big enough to machine it out. But I suspect it will be hard to find, and if I do find something, very hard and heavy to handle.
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