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82 380 SL- Lower Ball Joint

First Post here! So I recently bought a 1982 380SL for my wife. It drives great but needs some front end work that I just started on. My plan is to replace all the suspension rubber, tie rods, ball joints and upgrade the shocks to Bilstein HD. So I've got the upper control arms out and found that I will need to grind the factory rivets out and bolt the new ball joints in with the provided bolts with the new joint. Sounds skookum- right?

Here's the major question- the lower ball joint on the DS is shot. According to the manual there is a "weld ring" around it that I can't spot. So how do I get this out, as it looks like it presses out? Do I grind around the ball joint on the upper side and then press it out? Is there a special tool to press it out? I haven't been able to locate one for the W107 chassis. Can someone that has done this provide guidance or a tip?

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