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Dyno Day - October 23, 2010 9:00AM in Upland, CA

What's up people? I am setting up a Dyno Day in Upland, CA. I know it's short notice, but I thought I could drum up enough support between just us 500e guys. Didn't happen. So I am now opening this day up to other cars as well.

Each car would get 3-4 pulls depending on modifications. This is a great opportunity to baseline your cars for future modifications. Want to test that ebay chip or exhaust? Want to sell your car? This would be great proof your car is running at factory spec. A friend of mine recently dyno'd a truck of his at the cost of $100 for 3 pulls. This is a big discount!

I need at least 9-10 people to show up, or I do not get my deposit back. If you are on the fence, please try and make it out. I would consider it a personal favor if you could make it out.

Thanks guys!

Directions and contact info:

Rage Performance (formerly Whitfield Racing)
8455 Loma Place
Upland, CA. 91786

-Dynojet brand Dyno
-$50 for 3 pulls guaranteed, 4 pending vehicle mods and time constraints.
-A/F ratios included
-We will start running cars around 9am, and will continue until everyone gets a pull.

My info:
Justin Poole
(951)750-2507 call or text

Please contact me prior to showing up Email is the best method of communication, but I will try to check back at this thread daily. If you must show up unannounced, we will try to accommodate you, but I can not make any guarantee's.
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